Stunning old-world country home design

The design of the mesmerizing interior and restoration of this mansion was handled by the talented professional and designer Jennifer Prugh Visosky. Before the new homeowners bought the cottage, it was empty and in a derelict state.

A couple visiting from Texas wanted a tranquil and serene space decorated in a rustic style with accents of gray, blue and honey hues and designer furniture. The talented architect has thus created a relaxed and rustic atmosphere with simple lines in the decor and an unexpected combination of materials in the decoration of the mansion.

Open space connects the kitchen and living room

The main living area of the dream home, with its dining room, kitchen, and lounge, has created a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. The owners wanted to brighten up the space, so they painted the walls white. The finish reflects the light and harmonises beautifully with the exposed beams, stonework and other fascinating features.

The dining table was the epicenter of the decor. It has a huge size and can accommodate eight people. This area was accented with a stunning chandelier by Jonathan Browning, which is a modern interpretation of deer antlers.

Comfortable furniture in a neutral color scheme

For the living room, the expert, together with the owners, has chosen comfortable and unusual furniture, which fills the environment with incredible comfort and warmth. The bathroom set was designed in a simple style in neutral beige to blend in wonderfully with the existing decoration of the mansion.

Bathroom interior in neutral tones

At the time of purchase of the home, the bathrooms were in good condition, so the designer Visosky replaced only the wall covering.

The interior of the children's bathroom

A graphic curtain with a skier ornament was added to the children's bathroom on the second floor.

Casual stool with sheepskin on the seat

The gray wooden boudoir table is accented by a gorgeous sheepskin stool on the seat, reflecting a harmonious blend of Western and contemporary design styles.

Interior design of a guest bedroom

Interesting home design by Grace Home Design is an incredibly unique creative masterpiece. It features exceptional country style design with modern accents, unexpected combination of materials and textures, and a gorgeous hue palette that draws close attention and public interest.

Photo by David Agnello.

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