Sukhumvit 33 luxury villa in a modern style – a thoroughly pragmatic project

Greetings, dear visitors! Our Modern Home Interior resource is always trying to find interesting and fascinating topics to discuss. Today is no exception: In Bangkok, the private villa Sukhumvit 33 was designed and built by the architectural firm DBALP. We invite you to take a tour of the elite mansion.

The luxurious villa has a very stylish exterior in light and soft colors.

Villa Sukhumvit in Thailand

Upon entering the sliding doors, we see a light brown wooden staircase leading deep into the courtyard.

Outdoor Terrace

The terrace gives you direct access to the inside of the villa. Here is the designer's staircase with metal banisters and glass ceiling.

Interior of Villa Sukhumvit in Thailand

The ceiling is made of durable glass and framed in a gold border.

Villa Sukhumvit in Thailand

Living room is surrounded throughout by panoramic windows overlooking the courtyard.

The interior of Villa Sukhumvit in Thailand

Sitting on a sofa with soft cushions, you can admire the elite street high-rises.

Interior of Villa Sukhumvit in Thailand

Wooden stairs leading upstairs – looks pretty narrow, but looks very original.

Stairs in the interior

The white bathroom with glass shower creates spaciousness and elegance.

Villa Sukhumvit in Thailand

The owner's workplace is equipped with the necessary furniture and light.

Interior of Sukhumvit Villa in Thailand

Backyard lighting allows you to watch the backyard even in the evening.

Villa Sukhumvit in Thailand
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