Sundial – an amazing project of a country residence by Eugene Stoltzfus, Virginia, USA

Greetings to all Grada Forum readers! Today we share with you some interesting information about an unusual house called "The Sun Clock. The architect of this residential property was Eugene Stoltzfus.

The house is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA. The basic idea of the construction is to build a facility of two houses adjacent to each other, surrounded by nature.

Sundial home in the United States

The living room, which has practically no walls, has windows everywhere, bringing street light into the room.

Interior design of Sundial house in USA

The kitchen is integrated with the living room and has the same understated, modern style.

Sundial home interior design in the U.S

The wooden staircase leading upstairs is separated by a white decorative metal cage.

Interior design of a Sundial home in the United States

Metallic dining table goes very well with the light wave shaped chairs.

Residencia F Interior Design of a Sundial home in the United States

The ochre-colored wooden staircase is bordered by a black band of wood all around.

Sundial Home Interior Design in the USA
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