The Difficult Run residence home by Robert M. Gurney. McLean, USA

Gateway design

The area of the site is fenced with a massive stone fence

The former access to the house was a narrow, winding driveway and limited parking space. Adjacent vegetation was overgrown and blocked light into the house in many areas. As part of the renovation, the parking lot was redesigned to accommodate large family and guest transportation.

The lot has a large plantation of trees

View of the garage with three parking spaces

Retaining walls are faced with stone

Landscaping is complemented by a small fountain

Walls and columns are stoned

Minimalist interior in cream tones

While the roof structure was retained, the roof itself was replaced with stainless steel. Also, the finishes were completed with a combination of slate, stucco, and limestone.

The walls of the house have solid glazing

Tall glass windows offer beautiful views of the forest

New areas include: large library, five bedrooms and bathrooms, gym, entertainment room, laundry room and more. These new rooms are placed vertically, but they are "downhill" rather than "uphill.

View of the library from the stairs

Over the years, the owners have built up a large library

The view from the window is a work of art

Beautiful view thanks to panoramic windows in the kitchen

Interior of the dining room with golden chairs

Dining room interior with aristocratic furnishings

A grand piano sits in the living room

Cozy living room with fireplace, grand piano adds a vintage touch to modern interiors

Facade cladding with natural stone

The exterior is in gray tones

A view from the street of a lighted house

This is what the east side of the house looks like in the evening

Wrought iron entry gates

The view of the house from the road lets you know the high status of its owners

Below are the plans of the house and grounds before and after the renovation

A floor plan of the house and grounds before the renovation
Outline of the house after reconstruction
Facade 1
Facade 3
Facade 5
Facade 6
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