The enchanting Casa OV in Tarrega or the extraordinary transformation of a historic building by Costa Calsamiglia Arquitecte

Red sofa in a bright living room

In 2012, the Barcelona studio Costa Calsamiglia Arquitecte Completed an extravagant house project called Casa OV. The converted warehouse building is located in the small town of Tarrega, Catalonia, Spain. In Tarrega a great deal of attention has long been paid to the development of industry. In 1918, Josep Trepat was the founder of the agricultural machinery industry, which grew rapidly thanks to the successful sales of products throughout Spain. And it all started with small factories. When in 1931 it was decided to relocate production outside the city, a large number of similar buildings were vacated. However, they were soon occupied by small entrepreneurs for offices, stores and warehouses.

Armchairs, coffee table and bookshelves

It was decided to make the new metallic structure autonomous and separate it from the old. Another idea was the much needed additional doorway with access to the patio area to become the compositional center of the exterior. So there are two major axes of the project: respect for the heritage and the creation of another source of light and ventilation by means of a large patio. It only remained to implement the plan step by step. We hope that our article was useful to the readers of Forum City. Get inspiration and apply the ideas you like in your own projects.

Light wood flooring in the corridor
The glass partition between the bedroom and bathroom

Photographs by Anton Briansó.

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