The masculine character of Kiani’s brutal villa by Makan Rahmanian and Kamran Heirati, Karaj, Iran

This luxury villa is located near Karage. Makan Rahmanian and Kamran Kheirati have designed a stylish project with a masculine touch! Popular Portal invites its readers to enjoy the combination of magnificence and rebelliousness.

Villa Kiani's terrace evening illumination

Impressive residence, with more than five hundred square meters, includes a two-storey L-shaped mansion, a terrace and Large outdoor pool. Consistently sleek design through the use of simple colors and clean, defined shapes.

The heart of the project is the spacious living room on the second floor. To add dynamics and a touch of risk to the property, the entire massive structure is supported by just one column!

The glass facade of Villa Kiani
Dining Room Interior Design
The glass wall of Villa Kiani
Kiani villa's stone wall finish
Modern kitchen interior design
Villa Kiani Terrace
Terrace Lounge
Villa Kiani's outdoor pool
Terrace seating area

Fair-faced concrete and marble is used for the finish. The unconventional layout of the house had a decisive impact on the design of the living room. It is located outdoors by the pool, but still sheltered from the hot sun and rain under the stone arches of the building.

Evening pool lighting
Evening illumination of the Kiani Villa terrace
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