The original extension of a Victorian cottage by Carter Williamson Architects, Sydney, Australia

The look of a cottage in Sydney
Unusual steps in a cottage in Sydney
Marble slabs of a cottage in Sydney - view from below
The marble slabs of a Sydney cottage - view from below in the evening
The path to the cottage in Sydney

The interior certainly matches the exterior. Unmatched natural light creates a feeling of comfort and lightness, especially noticeable in the two-story living room. The interior space is full of interesting details. The pendant lighting fixtures are particularly striking, complementing the style of the interior space. Also, no one will be left indifferent by the incredible eye-catching oriental pattern on the panel located on the stairwell. The roof garden not only hides the garage from view, but also creates a beautiful view from the living room windows.

Outdoor dining room in a cottage in Sydney
Top view of the cottage's staircase
Red tracery wall at the white bar
A dark wood dining table in a bright room
A woman on her way down the stairs of a Vitznau chalet
White bedroom interior


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