The original facade of the chic house prolongs the spectacular interior design

Front doors of the chic Edwardian Redbrick home in Melbourne

Instead of turning the residence into a giant glass box, the creatives from the architectural bureau opted for a more laconic design that will feel like an updated version of the old house, but have clear features. The concept of the project from the very beginning was based on conditions that the architects strictly adhered to at any stage of the process. Functionality, practicality and aesthetics were the main criteria demanded by the customers. To avoid confusion in corridors and doors, we designed the layout, which provides a smooth transition from one zone to another, which is quite convenient in a large house.

Smooth enough to apply Matching colors in the interior, black and white are used, guaranteeing as little fragmentation as possible. Beautiful living room has a wonderful image, thanks to the fusion of minimalism and Scandinavian style. Details play an important role in the design, helping to make the atmosphere more cozy and homely. A striking deep black sofa, a stylish antique chest of drawers, small chairs and richly woven bedspreads and mats combine for a unique interior, complete with modern art on an off-white wallpaper. Home comfort is added by an unusual fireplace, which is used as an accessory in the living room, but it is much more important than just a furnishing detail.

Living room of Edwardian Redbrick chic home in Melbourne

The kitchen and dining area are united, making life much easier for the hostess. The same contrasting palette is used in the decor with individual elements made of organic wood. The set for the dining room looks especially original, its brevity and simplicity paid off by using charming benches with backs instead of chairs.

The table consists of two separate modules, providing ample space for all family members with the possibility of expansion for entertaining guests. And as the finishing touch, a luxurious floor lamp with a overhanging lampshade. The details that bring inspiration and creative atmosphere to this space are accessories and a stunning picture, it is such little things that are the finishing touches that bring a twist to the environment.

The dining room at the chic Edwardian Redbrick in Melbourne
Edwardian Redbrick chic home bedroom in Melbourne
Bathroom of the chic Edwardian Redbrick home in Melbourne
The bathroom of the chic Edwardian Redbrick house in Melbourne

Having decorated all the living areas and separate rooms, the designers also took care of the cozy corners, which the owners preferred to see decorated in their comfortable home. You will not meet here empty space along the walls, some window sills are decorated in a cozy compact bay window, here and there are brightly colored chairs and bedside tables with decorations.

A sitting area on the windowsill of a chic Edwardian Redbrick home in Melbourne
Edwardian Redbrick chic home study in Melbourne

Stunning home extension project impresses with its functionality, original combination of styles and eras and aesthetic appeal that turns this residence into a dream house, where an atmosphere of comfort and home warmth reigns. Despite the restraint in the palette and decor the interior design turned out pretty comfortable, unobtrusive and easy perception were the main motives that the architects adhered to in the process of creating their masterpiece.

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