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Overlap apartment living room interior

"Three living rooms, two bathrooms, living room, kitchen are designed for a young couple: the man is an agent in a Japanese company, the hostess is a secretary in an accounting firm. New family members are possible in the near future.

L-shaped island on the left side of the lobby. The designer deliberately extends it to connect different areas. On the right hand side is a long 80 cm wide bench which extends from the hallway to the living area. In the future, it is planned to use it as a Romantic bed design for guests. Also, you can store things under the bench.

Turning left, you see a 440 cm long table, which combines the functions of a dining and work table. In addition to visually extending the space, it also provides additional seating for visitors. Behind it, there is a display case where you can see hobby exhibits.

The main wall with a TV separates the bedroom and living room. Two lines of traffic are organized here: you can selectively open each door depending on current needs. Clothes closet handles in the bedroom are presented in the form of a circle, rectangles. They are not only bright accents, but also devices for hanging clothes. There is a mirror and dressing table, which is convenient to use when the sashes are open.

Industrial ceiling style is popular recently in Taiwan. Not all piping is marked in black, so that the surface does not look cluttered.

Homeowners love Japanese personality and features. This style energizes people. The three chandeliers are not equidistant from each other, so they can be displayed more vividly. The size of the pillow is much larger (80*80 cm) than the generally accepted standards for decorative. The irregularly shaped rug carries the same function. Black checkered sofa warms up the overall atmosphere in this area."

Painting in the interior of the Overlap Apartments
Overlap apartment living room interior
The dining area in the Overlap Apartments
The dining area in the Overlap apartment
Dining area in the Overlap
The dining area in the Overlap apartment
Interior of a bedroom in bright colors
Bedroom interior in light colors
Floor plans of the Overlap Suites
Overlap floor plan
Overlap floor plan
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