The original renovation of the Smith-Clementi Residence by Rios Clementi Hale Studios in the Venice, Calif. area

Rios Clementi Hale Studios from Los Angeles completed the reconstruction of the interesting Smith-Clementi Residence in 2012. This contemporary property, located in Venice, California, USA, has a total of 205 square meters. According to the general opinion of the visitors to our cognitive forum, it is decorated quite originally.

Residence with luxurious garden

A spacious patio with ornamental plantings works perfectly. Exquisite siding is effectively combined with the wooden paling around the bungalow house. Dense foliage wraps around it like an umbrella, blocking out the abundance of light, prying eyes inside. The mansion's unusual –vine-lined hedge differs from the usual village fences and traditional wrought iron fences of neighboring properties. The combination of rustic and modern elements is reflected throughout the structure of the house, as well as on the terrace for outdoor relaxation.

Wooden beams in the exterior

The outside surface is surrounded by randomly affixed vertical planks of damp wood. This expressive development creates a solid defense. The front and rear of the property are connected by a dining terrace. The living room is filled with the play of sunlight on the bright cushions and panels. Full-wall panoramic windows push the boundaries of the room. Light is streaming in from everywhere: from the side, from above. It comfortably accommodates built-in as well as freestanding upholstered benches, enlivened by patterned fabric.

Fireplace on the balcony

On the second floor, two children's bedrooms for the owners' daughters of nine and sixteen are separated from the parent's bedroom by a long hallway. In between is the family room. It's very comfortable to settle in in the evening, watch TV, play on the computer. The comfort of the overall environment is given by the cork floors, olive-colored doors, wooden walls, beams. Seven-meter-wide "trellis" acts as a private protection. The door leaves can slide freely in both directions, so you can control the desired degree of openness.

From the living room you can get into the dining room and kitchen

Residents of Forum City will probably like this country cottage, where you can quietly dig in the ground. In the morning it's nice to go outside, breathe the fragrance of flowers, walk through berry bushes, eat fruit. Nature is always beneficial not only to health, but also to mood.

Home Library
Dining room with sofa
A bedroom with a rotating fireplace
Smith-Clementi residence in Venice
Diagram of a facade
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  1. Magnolia

    The Smith-Clementi Residence in Venice, Calif. sounds fascinating! How did Rios Clementi Hale Studios approach the renovation? Did they preserve the original architectural elements or introduce modern touches? I’d love to know more about their design concept and how they ensured it blended seamlessly with the Venice neighborhood.

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