The standard of comfort and functionality in Itami – Tato Architects breaks the rules!

Wooden staircase to the second floor of the Itami home
The dining area of the Itami home
Interior of the kitchen with a dining area

Over a long period of development of Japanese architecture, it has developed certain principles. Recently, however, many clients have tended to bend the rules that have been in place for centuries. That's why the designers have put a lot of effort into creating a space where different things can be used in everyday life much more often.

A house designed by the developers Tato Architects, is one of the best examples of this effort.

Wooden staircase to the second floor
The bathroom of the Itami house
Interior design of the dining area of the house in Itami

In this design, all architectural components such as steps, railings, laundry room, closets and toilets serve as furniture. It is as if they merged into one, allowing the functionality of the room to be distributed evenly and making it as spacious as possible.

White stairs to the second floor
Sliding glass doors on the terrace

The dining table is on the railing of the stairs leading from the first floor to the first floor. It gives the illusion of people appearing or disappearing under the table.

Every detail is functionally loaded. For example, entering the house through the main entrance and slipping through the closet, you enter the dining room facing a large wall that takes in the sunlight streaming in through the south window.

When you're on the 2nd floor, to get to the top, you first pass the bed, then the pull-out drawers of the dresser, and then move smoothly to the weightless, almost transparent steps. With each step up interior elements lighting changes both the direction and the area covered.

Kitchen ceilings are 3.77 m high, so the designers carefully measured the length and height of the stairs to save space. As a result, the area above and below the stairs was divided into two levels (1.88m and 1.85m respectively), which made it possible to move smoothly around the room at any point.

Wooden staircase to the second floor
Interior design of a house in Itami
The terrace of the Itami house
View of the house from the street side
The main entrance to the house in Itami
A floor plan for the second floor of the Itami house
Schematic diagram of a house in Itami
Floor plans of a house in Itami

A huge thanks to Koichi Torimura for providing the photos.

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