The stylish loft project Donderen Barnhouse is an architectural reboot of an old barn

A farmhouse in the Netherlands

By completing the renovation, the Dutch architects could say that the dream of a man to live in an old barn in the countryside came true. Only now, upon completion, the ancient property has been transformed into a modern house, which reflects new life while preserving the historic atmosphere.

Dutch farmhouse

Then the entire south wall was turned into a large bay window, Protected by a wooden cladding, for which the designers have developed a nice, modern and beautiful swimming pool. The result is a unique barn house, a mix of Art Nouveau and tradition, using only local materials and elements.

Country house in the Netherlands
Interior design of a Dutch farmhouse
Interior design of a rural house in the Netherlands
Interior design for a Dutch farmhouse
A farmhouse in the Netherlands

Design project of an apartment house from Aatvos.

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