This fairy tale has all the conditions for enjoying each other – tall palm trees and snow-white beaches around BB Home

Looking at this unique architectural structure, the idea of a beach with white sand, blue ocean and tall palm trees, the tops of which are gently swaying in the wind, immediately arises in my head. Just heaven on earth! This dream home Has personality not only because of the design, but also because of the material from which it is made.

BB Home by H&P Architects
BB Home's vertical garden on the bamboo facade
BB Home bamboo interior design
BB Home bamboo interior design
Interior design of the bamboo house BB Home
The large mansard with a scalloped roof
Large attic with a scalloped roof
The scalloped bamboo roof
Night illumination of the BB Home bamboo house
Night lighting of the bamboo house BB Home


Courtesy of H&P Architects

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