Thoughtful design of a compact cottage in a modern country style

The Middleton Group exterior

Glass front doors lead directly to the cozy living room, which is connected to the kitchen. The openness of the rooms makes them visually larger than they really are. The wall-hung cabinets have an antique look, perfectly reflect light, and present an unparalleled collection of tableware.

Interior design of a living room with a fireplace

Thanks to the windows and glass openings, you can not only see the amazing scenery of the Stono River, but also fill the space with sunshine. Perfectly matched curtains create the illusion of height.

Interior of the cottage's kitchen area

Designers used two-tone cabinets to visually enhance the kitchen area.

Interior design of the dining room in quiet colors

Spouses bedroom in the back of the house. If necessary, another room can be added on the same side. The attic and first floor bedrooms were made for the children.

Bathroom interior design
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