Unique, contemporary decor for the Hambleton Street private residence

In today's story we will introduce you to an unusual residence project on the street Hambleton Street, Which was developed and designed by the designers and architects of the engineering bureau Steve Domoney Architecture in an australian suburb Melbourne Victoria. Take a look at the inspiring interior photography and appreciate the expressive and evocative ideas and solutions brought to life in this masterpiece.

Apartment Hambleton Street Are a private residence located in a nearby park with charming green areas in the suburbs Melbourne Victoria, Australia. The unique structure was developed in 2011 by the efforts of creative professionals and engineers of the design company Steve Domoney Architecture. The apartment building is in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, with close proximity to neighboring buildings, which makes the atmosphere particularly inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

Achieving the necessary balance between having the existing layout of the cottage in the style of King Edward, overlooking the main street and the addition of two levels at the back, led the designers and architects to the decision to decorate this part of the house. The changes have been made in such a way that they are not dependent on the dramatic two-story height of the mansion. The patio was recreated almost invisible from the street side. But in its external execution were added strikingly bold details and elements that created a sense of presence when viewing the building from the driveway.

The interior suites were designed in a relaxed and serene style dominated by unusual shades and combinations of cladding materials that make an incredible impression on guests and owners. Wall Art was carried out in a monochromatic beige color scheme that visually enhances the living space and provides a wonderful basis for showcasing creative furnishings and contemporary accessories. The flooring in the guest lounge was tiled in a rich, dark gray hue that blends beautifully with the textured wall cladding and panoramic glazing. The recreation sphere is placed in a small recess, which allows to create a spectacular effect in the room, when it is equipped with a pool with a transparent wall on one side, and a pond with a stylized waterfall on the other side.

Interior Design in Australia

Stairs to the second floor of the house was made in an interesting and mesmerizing image. The steps and floor surface in front of it were lined with textured wood in a light shade that brings a sense of naturalness and casualness to the setting. The double height of the ceiling in this area allows you to seamlessly combine the two tiers and form a pleasant and expressive atmosphere. An abundance of glass surfaces gives the design a light and airy feel that blends wonderfully with the white surfaces and textured wood.

Bathroom interior design

Another bathroom was designed in a richer, more colorful way. Wall Décor was made in black glossy plastic, which blends perfectly with snow-white plumbing fixtures, large-format mirrors and chrome accessories. The shower stall is equipped under the window opening in the roof, which fills the bathroom with natural light and natural warmth, creating stunning lighting effects. Dressing table was made with snow-white plastic and a large marble slab, creating an aesthetically pleasing and charming interior.

Summer refectory

Take a look at the creative and unique design of the residence, which was erected with light-colored concrete slabs, ironwork and panoramic window frames, creating an open and mesmerizing atmosphere. Indoor illumination system interesting house project and outside fills the space with a soft glow and a magnetic sheen that forms the incredible appearance of the exterior. Small green plants and shrubs surround the structure to form an attractive and expressive garden area.

First floor plan

First floor

Second floor plan

Second Floor

Unusual home Hambleton Street from the design bureau Steve Domoney Architecture In an Australian town Melbourne is a delightful example of how a living space can be decorated in an exclusive and fascinating style using unusual architectural designs, fascinating engineering structures and forms.

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