Country Cottage in Vancouver seamlessly blends nature and interior

Vancouver country cottage living room

Interior design The mansion looks tranquil and modern. The white walls are inlaid with the inviting textures of other materials – stone and concrete, as well as the textured wood used for the floor and ceiling. The sophisticated lighting system – spotlights, – combined with the large windows gives each room a refreshingly inviting light.

Living room of a country cottage in Vancouver

The open floor plan includes a charming dining area that is separated from the garden only by a transparent wall. Thanks to this, home dinners take place surrounded by nature, but not subject to the vagaries of the weather.

Country Cottage Kitchen in Vancouver

The veranda offers a picturesque view of the luxurious greenery, –untreated concrete, stone floor tiles and warm-colored wood on the ceiling –give this semi-open-air room a very cozy feel.

Vancouver country cottage staircase

Unpainted concrete wall brings a special accent to the cozy bedroom. The – white matt walls and floor in a shade of ghee – complete the image, creating a special, peaceful atmosphere.

Country Cottage Bathroom in Vancouver

A beautiful nook of nature inside the house – a charming place in the Zen tradition.

Country Cottage Vancouver interior design

The balance of natural wood and glass gives the building an airy, incredibly inviting look.

The design of the country cottage in Vancouver

Beautiful facade fascinates with its elegant outline. Exceptional architectural design wonderfully combines style and serenity!

Extraordinary House in Vancouver is a great example of how modern design can be effectively combined with unique opportunities to harmonize nature and the interior.

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