Ecological interiors – 10 cool ideas

Ecological kitchen interior

The kitchen is a place where a huge amount of energy is wasted

1. Water heating/use

Most of the energy is consumed for heating it. Solar water heating systems do some of the hard work for you.

It is possible to install a tankless heating system. The advantage is that it heats just the right amount of water in hot weather.

Ecological living room interior

Double glazed windows are an efficient way to save energy

3. Green floors

Those who welcome the idea of conservation, will taste the bamboo parquet. Bamboo is a fast renewable natural material. It is very durable and moisture resistant.

The wooden floor can be completely replaced by modern materials. For example, with recycled plastic. The surface looks natural and is especially practical for outdoor spaces.

A radical solution would be polished concrete floors to give your home a modern look.

Ecological interiors in the country house

Solar panels quickly recoup the investment

5. Ecological decor

Installing a rainwater harvesting system, for example, can be part of an eco-home. It saves huge amounts of tap water and uses the rain in the most efficient way.

Or you can add natural elements to the interior design. Twigs, cones and acorns can be natural decorations.

Eco-friendly kitchen interior with breakfast bar

Brilliant smart lights turn off by themselves in case you forget

7. The green sprinkler system

If you have a flower bed or just plants around the house, it's a good idea to think about a rainwater tank. This reduces the water bill, which can be used for more important purposes, such as showering and dishwashing.

All you need are big barrels to be installed outside. When it rains, water collects in containers. Then it can be used to water your plants. If you want to fill a barrel faster, put it under a drainpipe.

Eco-friendly living room interior with fireplace

The modern fireplace is great, but there are alternative more ecological heating systems

9. Green drain

The toilet is where your money goes to waste. The traditional bathroom actually uses more water than any other fixture in your home.

You can cut water use in half by installing a toilet with an economy flush.

Eco-friendly living room interior in light colors

A smart system tells you exactly what's using the most energy in your home

While some options are simple enough, others involve the installation of equipment. Don't be afraid to invest in systems that can save energy, even when you're not home.

Which of the green technologies on offer suits you??

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