Green homes of the future – the work of Solar Decathlon contest favorites, USA

The claim that eco-friendly, or simply put, "green" houses are ugly is no longer relevant these days. Many architects are actively working on eco-friendly and at the same time attractive buildings.

Wooden playhouse by the lake

Design Features

Fundamental to the design of the home are comfort and aesthetics. The main building material is natural wood, which makes it attractive and keeps out the cold. Ample outdoor terraces, a lovely garden and a sunshade encourage you to enjoy the fresh air as much as possible.

Terrace Lounge Chairs

Green technology

As noted above, this cottage is designed for the elderly who want a break from the bustle of the city. But AIR House is also suitable “forest house”for the vacations or weekends in nature.

A wooden eco-house in the city

Design features

The materials used for construction were carefully recycled. What is particularly appealing about HARVEST HOME is the combination of many elements that create an extraordinary aura. Imitation rain, wind and sprawling gardens add a gentle touch of nature to the atmosphere.

Wooden furniture set in the kitchen

Green Technology

Wooden flooring in bedroom

Target Audience

Home designed with the needs of military veterans in mind. A soothing interior and beautiful design couldn't be better for those returning from the battlefield.

Beach Life

The ideas from the Southern California Institute of Architecture and the California Institute of Technology were inspired by the carefree, relaxed beach life on the oceanfront.

House made of movable modules

Green Technology

A modern house immersed in the green

Design Features

Beautiful flowers in front of the house

Design Highlights

Blue beams in a wooden house

Target Audience

LISI represents one of the most versatile building designs in the competition. Due to the wide range of design options, the house fits perfectly in any climate of the globe.

Phoenix House

The Phoenix House concept from competitors at the University of Louisville, Indiana Ball State University and the University of Kentucky aims to create homes for mainstream families. Constructed with sturdy, quality materials, this home is remarkably rugged. It can even survive natural disasters.

Eco-house with a corner roof

Green Technology

Eco-home with a beautiful sunset view
Interior of a small living room decorated with wood
Eco-house with a terrace
Eco-house with an unusual shape in the desert

Design features

Terrace eco-house in the desert
Eco bedroom work nook

Target Audience

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