A lush rainforest surrounding the Cliff House villa by Khosla Associates on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Chowara, India

Villa Cliff House by Khosla Associates

This time we invite our readers to the coast of the Arabian Sea, in the hospitable and tourist-favorite southern Indian state – Kerala. The design company Khosla Associates has recently worked on the Cliff House beachfront villa not far from the old fishing village and the present day resort and Ayurvedic center of Chovar. By the way, beach connoisseurs prefer the beaches near Chovar to holidays in Goa.

The climate is mild, tropical. A lush rainforest of tens of thousands of species and some of the world's finest tea and coffee plantations.

No wonder that a wealthy resident of London, after visiting the area, wished to have a property here for recreation. To build the villa he chose a picturesque place with a difficult terrain – it's built on a leveled site on the crest of the jungle-covered 60 – m coastal cliffs.

Our readers have previously had the opportunity to see a South American home in the jungle. We are about to see a similar project in India.

The main building materials were concrete, glass and local teak wood. The two floors of the villa face the sea. Asymmetrical sloping roof is a hallmark of luxury housing. It covers an impressive area – approximately 1,400 square meters. And about half of the square footage has an open architecture. Adjacent terraces provide sitting areas with couch tops, summer outdoor dining and even in the shade of the sloping roof – a daybed for outdoor naps.

On the front side, surrounded by terraces for relaxation, there is a luxurious swimming pool. The water level in it is aligned with the level of the terrain of the villa. Before the eyes of the person bathing in it appears the water of the pool, immediately around it and further, – the waves of the Arabian Sea. The so called "infinity effect" is created.

On the first floor of the villa, in a room of open architecture are the classic areas of the rooms: living room, spacious kitchen, dining room, guest. This is also where the service facilities are located. Separate units in the closed architecture on the second floor which includes bedrooms and bathrooms.

The characteristic flooring for hot India throughout the villa is polished concrete. It has a high thermal capacity and is one of the commonly used materials in tropical climates.

The interior of the villa with its panoramic windows is bright, with lots of white and wooden construction details.

The teak color predominates, the white of the walls and the matte gray of the polished concrete. The villa's shutters and sliding doors are not solid wood, but are made of individual slats, like a "trellis" of wood, as is the Colonial style. This promotes unobstructed air movement, which is valuable in tropical heat.

Indeed, a house like this is worth flying here for a vacation, leaving the London smog behind.

Villa Cliff House exterior by Khosla Associates
The exterior of the villa Cliff House by Khosla Associates
The exterior of the Cliff House by Khosla Associates
Khosla Associates' Cliff House villa design
Cliff House villa design by Khosla Associates
Cliff House Villa design by Khosla Associates
Pool next to the villa
Dining area in the villa
View from the windows of the Cliff House by Khosla Associates
Interior of the villa Cliff House by Khosla Associates
The bedroom of Villa Cliff House by Khosla Associates
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