Abama residences: stylish home with a view of the Atlantic

A beautiful design of the Abama residence

As soon as you set foot in Abama Resort, you're surrounded by a hand-picked selection of amenities. More than 10 restaurants serving upscale Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine. And in the chic spas, specially invited specialists from London and Thailand, ready to provide a range of personalized treatments to restore the body and soul.

View of the beautiful ocean from the Abama residence

The rarest golden-sand beach in these resorts, where you can enjoy a nightcap after a shopping spree at the resort, featuring brands including Barberry, Miu Miu, D&G, Gucci, Piaget, Omega and Porsche accessories.

Pool surrounded by palm trees near the Abama residence

There's still some vacant land that's being used for golf courses. You can buy or build your own house. Future plans to occupy from 750 to 1000 square. . for a pair of two-story villas, with an interior area of 300-400 square meters.. There's an opportunity for an ornamental garden and a dug out pool. Owners are ready to provide contacts of architects with whom the resort cooperates.

Swimming pool in the residence Abama

With an average annual temperature of 18-24°C Tenerife has one of the longest bathing seasons. It is hugely popular with British travelers. The West Coast hotel takes guests straight from regular direct flights from foggy London.

Interesting layout of the Abama residence
Living room of the Abama residence
Dining table on the outdoor terrace of the Abama residence
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