Amazing ocean in the interior of a luxury beachfront villa in California

The architecture of modern residences increasingly seeks "seamless" integration of interiors with the natural environment. Nestled on a rocky coastal strip in Laguna Beach, California, the Rockledge Residence Villa offers amazing ocean views, and its luxurious suites get an outdoor extension with a spectacular patio and pool. As a result, the water element is present in the premises through the extensive use of stained glass, artistic wall design and windows.

Luxury villa with pool in California

Virtually every room in this grand building has been designed to offer a limitless and stunning panorama of the Pacific Ocean, making a stay here an unqualified dream. Exquisite real estate designed by the studio Horst Architects in conjunction with the Aria Design, Encourages you to spend more time outdoors!

The extravagant home has a chic Cascading pool, Next to it is a glossy, minimally open fireplace surrounded by velvet, off-white seating. Large glass railings provide security without blocking the spectacular scenery, while a stylish gazebo on the opposite side offers ample shade from the bright California sun.

There's a light touch throughout the house Cool coastal charm, Combined with the fashionability of Mediterranean motifs. A fresh, neutral color palette inside and out maintains the feeling of a natural extension of the spectacular landscape.

Fireplace on the pool deck
Pebbles on the pool deck
Ocean View Terrace
A fireplace on the pool deck
Ocean View Pool Terrace Fireplace
Living room interior of a luxury villa in California
Living room interior of a luxury villa in California
California villa rental living room interior
Living room décor in California luxury villa
Living room interior of a California luxury villa
Interior kitchen of a luxury villa in California

The large living room, roomy dining room and trendy, ergonomic kitchen are on the same level as the patio. A bedroom with incredible glazing displays another masterpiece that makes the owners of Rockledge Residence wake up to the sound of the waves and the sun's glare on their surface. Combined with beautiful blinds, the room allows residents to switch from complete privacy to spectacular publicity with the simple flick of a button!

Spa with a self-contained extraordinary bathtub Completes this dazzling beach house. The charming and magical Rockledge Residence is truly a dream home for those who love the rumble of the surf and idyllic sunsets that are the perfect backdrop for romantic evenings…

Interior of a bedroom in a luxurious villa in California
California Luxury Villa Bedroom Interior
California Luxury Villa Bathroom Interior
The bathroom interior of a luxury villa in California
California Luxury Villa Bathroom Interior
Bathroom interior of a luxury villa in California
Study interior of a California villa
California Luxury Villa Bar Interior
The pool deck overlooks the ocean
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