Clovelly is a private home designed by Rolf Ockert Design in Sydney, Australia

High elevation of the house

The owners have lived for several years in a rather dilapidated home that once stood on this spot. They were very familiar with the landscape, and this knowledge was very useful to the designers of the project. Of course, the most important goal was to ensure that the view of the ocean and the beach was breathtaking. The decision was made to make the southern and northern facades of the house almost entirely glazed.

Mansion rests on stone ledge
The walls of the house on the road side are practically blank
The wooden door of the entrance to the property
Pathway to the house entrance
Outside the door through the windows you can see the panorama of the coast
A seating area
Lots of seating areas in the house
If necessary, the glass walls can be closed with dense curtains
The interior is in calm gray tones with the occasional splash of bright spots
Cozy living room with large TV
Window views
Dining room design.Photo 2
Dining room design.Photo 4
The roof has windows, too
Behind the stairs is a library
Upper level
A special place for reading
Handy headboard light
Bathroom design. Photo 1
Bathroom design. Photo 3
Interior of the living room. Photo 1
Living room. View from the window
The living and dining room in the evening. Photo 2
Lower level floor plan
Front 1
Roof plan

Local climate influenced the choice of building and decorating materials. Above all, the building had to be resistant to the salty winds, which are quite intense in this part of the coast. The design had to fit in with the architectural character of the area and not conflict with the richness of the surroundings.

The designers allowed a neutral tone to dominate both the exterior and interior, leaving them to the power of sunlight, the best decorator of all time.

Photo by: Sharrin Rees.

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