Colorful lakeside home in Nelson City – a carefree childhood by Kerr Ritchie, New Zealand

Wooden terrace table and sandpit
Glass sliding doors between the terrace and the living room

Perpendicularly docked is the second living area, the surface of which, cognac-golden shade, is lined with planks, as well as the edging of window openings of the adjacent structure. It houses the recreation room, dining room and kitchen in bright colors. In fine weather, the patio next door becomes a dining spot. Adjoining it is a natural stone-framed children's playground.

Yellow sliding door between the kitchen and living room

Finishing walls of the interior space, as well as decoration details and furniture piecemeal echoing the naturalness of the outdoor theme. The yellow horizontally sliding door to the living room blends harmoniously with the tone of the floor and chair details. The lighting system is represented by point sources and a pendant fixture in the form of a spherical weave using plant material.

The look of the lake house in the evening

The lower level of the two-story component is seamlessly connected to the rest of the rooms, both inside and out. It includes a lounge, separated from the yard by sliding translucent glazing segments of an impressive area, and an open area for children's recreational and play activities. The top floor shows us cozy bedrooms all family members, a bathroom and an office. A distinctive feature of this residential unit is the presence of an autonomous solar mini-power plant on the roof, oriented to the sunny side of the horizon. Its capacity to heat water in a boiler for its own use.

Plan of a lake house in New Zealand

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