Gorgeous design project for an industrial style lakeside country home

Oslon Kundig Architects were able to give this striking newly built residence a truly classic industrial feel.

Industrial-style living room interior design

Located on the wooded shore of Lake Idaho, this modernized home appears at first glance to be an ultra-modern reconversion of an industrial building, maybe a factory, or a.

The residence is open and spacious, topped by a charming tile roof, seemingly floating a few feet above the concrete brick walls. An unusual architectural idea set the tone for this highly original home, the walls act as a huge window lifted on a giant roller to open the side of the house towards the lake.

Industrial details throughout with massing and patina accents, a huge fireplace stove with visible seams and welded edges, impressive double-height steel doors, floor beams of the same material, a large antique lantern in frame. All warmed by plywood trim, colorful modern soft furnishings and breathtaking views of the blue pond and distant mountains.

Bedroom interior design
Frame opening mechanism in Mountain Residence
Interior design of the living room at Mountain Residence
The main entrance of the Mountain Residence
Large fireplace in living room
Stone steps to the lake

The lake house by Oslon Kundig Architects.

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