Luxury large family home project with panoramic windows and gorgeous pool

New York. Designer's House

We again offer you another creation of modern luxury architecture.

On the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, in New York State, USA, is a private residence called Daniel's Lane Residence – a modern home for a father and three children. The main objectives are to avoid excesses inside and outside the building, to ensure its openness to the environment.

The difficulty was that the cottage is located in an area of possible flooding and, according to state law, it must be built at an elevation of just over five meters above sea level (the exact value is 17 feet).

The house is two-storey with solid glass in the backyard.

The upper floor has four bedrooms, one for each occupant. The projecting roof partially shields the terrace below from rain and sun. Open plan living, kitchen and dining room on the first floor. A classic form of functional separation is evident: common areas are grouped together in the lower level, while rooms for individual living environments form the upper level.

Sliding glass doors from the living room lead to the terrace, which connects to the sandy beach via a wooden bridge. Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, seating and dining areas around the terrace.

The materials used on the interiors include Afromosia. This exotic tree from central Africa is very hard and durable. At the same time, the rock, when used in the decor, adds a warm touch and elegance to the home, much like Calcutta marble. The floors in the rooms are concrete.

The estate offers spectacular ocean views. The architecture of the house is complemented by the landscaping.

New York City. Designer Home
New York. Designer home
New York. A designer home
New York. Designer home
New York. Designer Home
New York. Designer home
New York. Designer Home
New York. Designer home
New York. Designer Home

This fashionable home was conceived by the architects of Blaze Makoid Architecture group

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