Madeleine Blanchfield Architects, Savusavu, Fiji, exotic villa in the jungle of Vanua Levu

A Vanua Levu jungle villa

The area is so exotic to Europeans that it is an unusual trip anyone will remember for a lifetime.

The mansion sits on three and a half acres of land and enjoys spectacular views of the bay. One of the important advantages for tourists is the proximity to the airport.

Fabulous villa in the jungle of Vanua Levu

There's nothing better than having breakfast outdoors. From the terrace, where the dining room and kitchen are located, guests can see the magnificent mountains and the water. In the spacious space, you can cook on a conventional stove with oven or use the barbecue.

A fabulous villa in the jungle of Vanua Levu

The house has a large and cozy living room with a Sophisticated interior. Fans on the ceiling create a comfortable atmosphere for relaxing on soft cushions. And if the sofas are already taken, you can take a seat on a chair. Soft carpet on the floor will be a little paradise for feet tired from a barefoot walk.

The villa's interior in wood

The homestead has a master bedroom and guest rooms with a sleeping room for the parents and an adjoining – for the children. The beds look royally luxurious with expensive linens. Every bedroom has an open terrace to relax on.

The room adjoining each suite has a large bathtub and two sinks. Wood and plastic finishes. The elongated mirror and popular modern fixtures Help guests clean up.

The interior of the villa, done in wood

All in all, the residence of Gavin Vanderplanck, the owner of this little paradise, gives the impression of a fairy-tale corner of the universe, in which the vacation will be unforgettable.

Materials courtesy of studio Madeleine Blanchfield Architects.

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