Modern design of private homes on the coast of Santa Monica

Coastal home patio area design

The house in question looks almost the same as it did when it was built. However, some technical elements that had failed and old furniture had to be updated or replaced.

The basis of the whole process of peculiar design reincarnation was the idea of preserving the magnificent view of the lake, opening from the veranda. The absence of various walls and ceilings, giving a feeling of complete freedom – exactly what was necessary to preserve the designers. And the concept is a complete success!

The design of the patio area of the coastal home

Designer stylish furniture In the spirit of 1960s minimalism is very harmonious with the overall retro interior. The absence of bright and shouting shades, geometrically correct form of furniture does not violate the calm, soothing atmosphere on the veranda.

White in the interior, represented not only in the upholstery, but also in the coloring of the ceiling and roof, sets a positive mood. By the way, it was the roof that prompted the purchase of the antique sofa – when it turned out to be leaking water and needed significant repair, the cost of furniture had to be reduced by turning to thrift stores. That's where Veranda Restoration designer Shannon Ggem acquired this lovely sofa.

The artificial turf used here as a carpet not only perfectly accentuates the environmentally friendly design, but is also highly practical. It looks good surrounded by nature, is not afraid of water and stains. In addition, it is easy to clean the sand and hair of the dogs, who are happy to rest on such “carpet”.

Coastal home patio area design

Old window frames give the outdoor veranda a certain certainty. Shannon brought one of these from her home (she lives next door), and the rest were shared by other neighbors who had recently renovated. The naked wear and tear of these windows make the design more significant and deeper, while at the same time introducing ironic touches.

Designing the patio area of a beach house

Swings attached to the rafters of the veranda over the lake itself, not only serve as great entertainment for children, but also contribute to the decor of the interior. The same goes for the –“souvenir kayak, by the way, comes from Alaska! – suspended from the ceiling: it is not just a design object, but an unusual fixture.

Designing the patio area of a seaside home

Original multi-level roof securely protects the veranda from the rain and wind after extensive renovation and completes the overall picture. The steps leading up to the small marina, as well as the marina itself, complete with the veranda, create an amazing landscape that every artist would dream of.

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