Our guide: 10 rules for the perfect lakefront home

White room design

And there's plenty of lake theme to go around! And really, why not make chairs out of old water skis and hang a boat from the ceiling?? It's your lake house, and you can decorate it however your imagination dictates.

Unusual flagstone fireplace design

A look at this grand object from inside the house. Yes, it takes a lot of skill to build a fireplace like this, and it would cost a fortune. So if your budget can't handle such a load, you can settle for something simpler.

How to set up a bar in the house

This gorgeous cocktail party terrace is an extension of the house whose bar is pictured in the previous photo.

Wooden furniture in the kitchen

Siding, battens and sheetrock are the most suitable materials for cladding walls and ceilings.

Finishing the ceiling with wooden beams

Rule number 5: Sleep in a cheerful environment

If not all the time, but at least once in a while, settle in for a big sleepover to make you feel like a kid again.

Wicker furniture in the glazed veranda

Better yet, if you can build a fireplace and a bed on the veranda, just in case it gets too hot at night.

Stone walkways in the patio

Rule No. 7: Have more meals outdoors

Rustic Room Interior

No closets and not enough room for a nightstand? No problem with the lake house. Instead of a desk lamp, you can hang a sconce, and at the same time place a couple of hooks for clothes on the wall. For storage of necessary things are useful drawers under the bed.

Rule No. 9: Vintage is encouraged

Minimalist Landscaping

Alpinaries, grasses, forest trees and mulch will help minimize plot concerns. You don't want to spend your long-awaited weekends weeding beds and clearing grass?

Lake House Landscaping

What else do you think a lake house should have? Share your opinion with us!

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