Seattle’s beautiful lakeside home: Courtyard House – privacy and beautiful scenery. Designed by DeForest Architects, USA

Courtyard House on Lake Washington, Seattle, WA


The spacious and elegant terrace with its smooth woods in warm colors provides a beautiful view of the water surface of the lake stretching to the horizon and at the same time remains very private. And the street front of the house is half-hidden behind a laconic fence. The windows of the second floor are hidden from prying eyes behind the stylish bluish blinds. A large canopy shelters the terrace from the rain. Open first floor layout blurs the lines between living room and outdoor terrace. Even the ergonomic kitchen connected to the dining room has free access to the terrace.

Courtyard House at Lake Washington, Seattle, WA, USA

Stylish open living room

Despite the open floor plan, the house has many nooks and crannies for privacy. And the entire first floor can be considered a natural extension of the yard – this effect is achieved thanks to the fact that the floor in the cottage is at ground level, not higher. This way, most of the first floor rooms open directly to the terrace and luxurious garden.

Courtyard House at a Lake Washington Residences, Seattle (USA)

Wooden Stairs

Courtyard House residence in Lake Washington, Seattle (USA)

Second-floor balcony overlooking the lake

Courtyard House on Lake Washington, Seattle (USA)

Shower enclosure with glass walls

Courtyard House on Lake Washington in Seattle, WA

Courtyard Landscaping

The Courtyard House was designed by DeForest Architects.

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