The image of a soaring bird in the structure of the modern house Kirkland Right by Chris Pardo Design in Washington, USA

Bright wallpaper in the hallway

A glossy ceiling crowns this interior too, but in this case the designers have chosen a brown color and also enlivened the space with LED lighting. Black leather furniture and hardwood floors are particularly appropriate in this stylish room.

Big kitchen interior idea

It is noteworthy that due to the glossy and light surfaces it feels as if every centimeter of the space is permeated with sunlight.

Wood elements in the kitchen interior

The bedroom is a huge room. Or rather, it seems to be so due to the high transparent wall. Swinging doors lead to the garden. In summer you can enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings without getting out of bed. And there is no need for artificial light: The panoramic windows provide plenty of natural light, even for reading.

Decorative fireplace in the interior

The other bedroom of this house is held in a much warmer color scheme, dominated by orange hues. Abstract picture above the headboard, bedspread and pillows form a single ensemble. In addition to a comfortable bed and several bedside tables, the room is decorated with… nature itself! Glass wall allows you to get in touch with your natural surroundings.

Interior of the bedroom in shades of gray and blue

The bathrooms are in harmony with each other, with wooden elements and whitewashed sinks, chrome-plated steel faucets and fittings.

Dark bathroom cabinet under washbasin

Miniature sinks with strikingly original forms!

The interior of the study in the house

The roof of this house, like most of its counterparts, is flat. It expands the possibilities of its use. Under the open sky there is a comfortable seating area for all members of the family. Ergonomic garden furniture is complemented by mattresses and cushions that can be easily retracted in bad weather. The beautiful view of the lake is the main advantage of this place!

Outdoor loungers

Around the door, and around the perimeter of the house, you can plant a row of fir trees, which become a kind of hedge.

The layout of a two-story home

The married couple's bedroom has access to a secluded corner of the garden, where you can discuss all business over a morning coffee – just the two of you.

Original country home design

Parking in the yard can accommodate several cars.

The exterior of a modern home
Landscaping by the house
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