The sophisticated yet ingenuous design of Coopers Camping on the Beach in New Zealand – a residential complex by Dorrington Architects & Associates

To have the opportunity to live and always relax near the sea – this is the goal of the specialists of New Zealand corporation Dorrington Architects&.. Associates. And achieved it. They erected an airy cottage on the green grassy carpet of the beach near Northland that is both warm and transparent. 

Coopers campsite design

The living pavilion is located to the north of the dormitory and is dedicated to the tent city that existed here for many years. An all-glass wall greedily catches every ray of sunlight that hits it. Folding glazed doors allow you to remove one of the walls facing the pond and let the fresh sea breeze air in. During hot hours, the roof canopy shelters this part of the structure from the heat. And in the evening, you can sit on a bench in the middle of the of lush lawn.

Kitchen worktop - bookshelf

Spacious lower level living room, separated from other rooms by wide and tall closets, includes space for socializing and kitchen. Traditional sofa with comfortable armchairs, A television set and a beast skin in the middle – everything you need to talk and relax in the evening. A table, chairs, and a counter with a sink and stove are the usual kitchen furniture.

Kitchen worktop - bookshelf

The studio is the first space behind a bright corridor lined with polycarbonate.

Cast iron bathtub in the bathroom

On the second floor of the apartment block is designed Home library interior With a work desk that also features a game of billiards. Folding accordion window allows the breeze to access the bookshelves.

Coopers Camping Design - Evening View

In the evening twilight the entire house looks like a glass luminous cube on one side and a Chinese lantern on the other.

Coopers Camping Design - Evening View

Photo by Emma-Jane Hetherington.

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