Unique copper and glass cascading house provides the ultimate in communion with nature

Cascade configuration of the house

The house sits just metres from a steep cliff, with one of its side edges hanging in the air. The engineers had to make sure that erosion would not cause the building to collapse, so they reinforced the foundations with piles screwed into the rocky surface.

The unusual facade of the house

The library is the heart and soul of the home. Located between the living room and master bedroom. Fully glazed walls and ceiling create the illusion of being outdoors. A room where the whole family can gather to watch TV and see whales and dolphins frolicking in the waves.

Fougeron helped select the furniture for the library – quirky, but not pretentious. The floors are made of limestone, and the lining of the fireplace is made of onyx.

Library interior with panoramic windows

A four-meter long bookcase once graced Fougeron's office, then fit perfectly into the library.

Interior finishing with copper panels

Anne Fougeron designed the structure so as to protect the south side of the building from the northwest wind. Homeowners can enjoy relaxing in the garden or spending time with friends on the patio without any discomfort at all.

Wood clad ceiling in living room

From this angle, the slope of the roof down from the living room to the kitchen is clearly visible.

Glass sliding doors in the living room

This photo gives an idea of how close to the edge of the cliff the house stands.

Glass railings on the patio perimeter

The view from the master bedroom windows is the most stunning.

Unusual glass bathtub in the interior

This is the view from the fully glazed shower cabin installed just above the bathtub.

Home Lighting Arrangements

The house is relatively close to the famous Pacific Coast Highway, but with no neighbors nearby.

Secluded location

The site's rugged topography and Anne Fougeron's design complement each other, providing a number of important benefits for the residents of the house. These include protection from inclement weather, privacy, and, of course, the opportunity to enjoy gorgeous views year-round.

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