An example of stunning interior design in the family cottage

Foyer decoration by Laura U

The furnishings and accessories in the dining room are a mix of old and new. The owners of the house like their simple and solid dining set, so Laura decided to diversify the furnishings with the original, custom-made lighting, which brings an industrial flavor to the interior.

Accessories helped to combine modern, retro and classic. Since the owners of the house like to read, bookshelves and racks are present in every room. However, in the dining room books have given way to colorful products made of glass, vases and souvenirs. Bright details look great against the white walls.

Living Room Interior Design by Laura U

The spacious room, where the whole family often gathers, is decorated in a more simple and modern way. To make the atmosphere light and cheerful, the designers added to the interior a bright orange closed cabinet and shelving. Of course, the blue –&#8211the sofa cushions and coffee table showcase the deep rich hue. The gray upholstery of the sofa and carpeting can successfully survive children's games and stains from spilled tea. The television, while not a favorite means of leisure in this family, is still present in the house so that everyone who wants to can watch a movie together.

Interior design of the living room by Laura U

In the kitchen, the first thing that catches your eye is the bright red thin window frames. Vintage light fixtures and fresh, cozy, rustic furnishings – another Southern American bow. The Carrara marble worktop adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen.

Bathroom interior design by Laura U

"Leopard" print adds vibrancy and color to the staircase and hallway. Metal staircase railing with American gothic oak handrails look elegant, unusual and simple.

An unusual chandelier in the interior

Another unusual lamp, reminiscent of a dynamic sculpture, illuminates the hallway at the main entrance. It is made of old brass covered with leather.

Bedroom Interior Design by Laura U
Interior design of a bedroom by Laura U

Laura U's design team loves to combine different metals. This amazing lamp and a cityscape in a thin frame complement each other perfectly and add depth and expression to the interior.

Modern bathroom interior design

In the children's room, Laura recommends using chests of drawers and built-in cabinets, which will “grow with the children and last for a long time. The white and green rug, the striped plaid, and the amazing wallpaper with outline pictures of architectural masterpieces create a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Laura U's children's bedroom interior design

In the room of our oldest, seven-year-old son, his favorite shade, red, stands out prominently. Over the bed is the – Loft Lounge upper bunk, – where the boy likes to lie down with a book. Open shelves provide plenty of space for the child's growing collection of books and other belongings. A cleverly integrated headset and desk for doing homework.

Interior design for a child's bedroom by Laura U
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