Big city lights or natural landscapes: 50 options for amazing panoramic views of the neighborhood

Apartment with panoramic views of the city

City lights or soothing nature?

The sparkling ocean or the shimmering lights of a noisy metropolis encourage personal development, help you see the exciting world outside your home and live those moments that bring you joy and peace.

The potential of the surroundings and how properly the landscape is captured is not the least of the factors.

Beautiful panoramic terrace

9010 Hopen Place by Whipple Russell Architects

A stunning home with an expansive open-air terrace, designed for the true connoisseur of the landscape.

Luxurious penthouse with private pool and furnished terrace in Los Angeles pleases its owners with incredible drama.

Summer terrace with panoramic views

Fairmont Pacific Rim

Oriental ambiance with bright flashes is exquisitely infused with surprising charm coming from outside.

Visually open space where you can contemplate not only the concrete jungle, but also a balanced picture of wildlife, consisting of mountains, trees and water expanses.

A private home with a panoramic view

Clifton View 7 Apartment by Antoni Associates

Another stunning home in Cape Town, this duplex apartment overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

Fantastic views of the beach, amazing boulders at the foot offer a clear connection and sense of being one with nature.

Beautiful apartments with panoramic views of the mountains

1816 Head Road by SAOTA

Huge contemporary residence for a young family includes a stylish and current interior that is an extension of the stunning landscape that blends seamlessly into the setting.

Terrace home with panoramic views

River House by MCK Architects

Australia's Lane Cove has become a tranquil cradle for cozy homes. Steep and abrupt shapes provide the inspiration for this geometrically challenging modern house.

Terrace by the pool with a panoramic view of the ocean

Villa Kishti by Frank Alfred Hamilton and Cecconi Simone

The resort area of Auntie Dol Bay, Anguilla, Caribbean offers stunning views of the infinite horizon of water.

The villa is for rent and every holidaymaker has the chance to enjoy the unique experience of being at the tip of the world where land and sea meet.

Panoramic terrace with mountain view

Wohnhaus Am Walensee by K_M Architektur

Impressive cottage overlooking the Swiss mountains and surrounded by the scenic nature of one of the largest lakes.

The Australian studio took advantage of the unique terrain to create a striking façade that is a mixture of glass and wood, which blends harmoniously with the changing environment.

A luxurious residence with mountain and ocean views

Birdview Residence by Doug Burdge with Tim Clarke

Boundless ocean and pristine beach, the chic interior and exterior are the result of a collaboration between two master craftsmen who have combined interior and exterior.

Apartments with panoramic ocean views

Beach House E-03, Vertice Arquitectos

Peruvian residence located on Palillos Beach, 72 km south of Lima. This exclusive dream home project boasts panoramic sea views and Art Nouveau luxury in the furnishings.

Beautiful living room near the fireplace with a panoramic view

Beck Residence, Horst Architects

We are in Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, CA where glass walls and frameless windows, spacious terrace and pool, cityscape and beautiful location open up to residents.

Beautiful living room with panoramic views

One Floor Apartment, Stanic Harding Architecture

One Floor is All You Need for Living in the Metropolis. The view of the harbor and the opera house from our private suite puts our emotions into a state of awe at the privileged 16th floor of Darling Point in Sydney.

Villa with a panoramic view of the mountains

Villa O in Cap Ferrat

Not only is this a modern and luxurious place to rent, it is a cozy cradle in harmony with nature.

Spacious terraces are filled with the fabulous fragrance of jasmine, rosemary and jacquard trees.

Luxury villa with panoramic sea views

Golden Rays Villa

Croatia has a very special charm that attracts attention to its intriguing locations and the beauty of the Adriatic Sea.

The rocky slope in the town of Primosten has become a cozy haven with the potential for relaxation and impeccable rest.

Terrace with panoramic ocean and mountain views

Banyan Tree Seychelles

Indian Ocean and tropical greenery, clean air and secluded atmosphere – a complete vacation at a chic resort.

Guests have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view of the southwest coast of the island of Mahe.

Panoramic ocean view terrace

Rabanua House by DX Arquitectos

The striking landscape of the serene Coquimbo region of Chile offers a visual and auditory contact between the interior and the horizon.

The openness of the rooms and the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view under the monotonous sound of the waves, breathing in the cleanest air – a dream for all of us.

Luxury home with panoramic ocean views

Colunata House by Mario Martins

The elegant silhouette of a chic residence in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal. Elegant curves of the spacious terrace above the pool and flowing lines inspired by the contours of the beach.

Private home with a panoramic view of the sea

Clearhouse by Stuart Parr Design

Almost see-through dream home with airy design and views of Shelter Island Lake, NY, USA.

Floor-to-ceiling windows, unique design allows images from each side to come together in an amazing interior space.

Terrace with beautiful panoramic mountain views

Casa 115, Miquel Lacomba

Lonely and luxurious mansion in the midst of Mallorca's beautiful landscape overlooking the bay of San Vicenç in Pollença, Spain.

Unparalleled panoramic views and uninhabited surroundings present residents with a feeling of complete relaxation.

Beautiful villa with great panoramic views

Villa Beyond in Phuket, Thailand

Breathtaking views, wildlife and nature will give you a heavenly experience when you look down and see how wonderful the view can overwhelm you.

Eco-friendly area, where the cleanest air, and the unique nature burst into the interior and fill it with special charm.

Private wooden house with spectacular panoramic mountain views

Ecomo Home by Pietro Russo

Elegant wooden cottage combines the power of an attractive natural landscape with the comforts of modern life, all in a compact space, Franschhoek, South Africa.

Terrace with superb panoramic views

VI Maree Basse, design by Mu Architecture

Cedar shingle siding is fascinating in its harmony with the surroundings. Mixing colors and textures on the background of soothing effect looks bold and relevant.

And the addition of organic surroundings played an important role, filling every minute of the inhabitants' lives. Cap-à-L’Aigle in the Charlevoix area of Quebec, Canada.

Swimming Pool Pool Residence with Spectacular Panoramic Views

Porter Residence, Abramson Teiger Architects

Few people get to enjoy the view from above West Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.

The colorful lights of the big city and the dynamic development of the skyline can easily be seen from the terrace with the spectacular swimming pool. Enjoy the fascinating flash of a lively landscape surrounded by the refined interior of a country house built in the right place.

Living room and dining room design with beautiful panoramic views

Fendi Casa in Los Angeles

Here is the penthouse located on the 50th floor of the Ritz-Carlton residences. The stunning view is captivating, melting your breath and shuddering with excitement.

Urban luxury and sophisticated interiors with a great view of the surroundings from a great height, it seems the whole world is at your feet.

Penthouse with sweeping panoramic views

A five-story penthouse in Tribeca

A chic residence provides an impressive view of a city that never sleeps.

Immerse yourself in the fast-paced rhythm rushing outside your windows and experience the allure of the concrete jungle of modern society.

Private home with stunning panoramic views

Benelong Crescent Apartments

A peek into the Sydney suburb of Bellevue Hill, home to large apartments designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects.

Amazing rooftop panoramas and dizzying heights leave no one indifferent.

We looked at the most striking and impressive variants of the landscapes in which houses are built and urban apartments are placed.

Unimaginable views of inviting sunsets, mysterious sunrises, a combination of water, lush green forests and mountain slopes, the twinkling lights of the metropolis perfectly fit into the open plan, filling every nook with its air, offering amazing relaxation to the owners and residents and inspiring fascinating images.

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