Charming manor house with pool and barbecue area House A&B by Smertnik Kraut Architekten, Perchtoldsdorf, Austria

We invite visitors to the Beautiful Country House to experience the architecture of a house in Perchtoldsdorf, Austria, which was completed in 2013.

The design of the house reflects the intelligence, style and spirit of its occupants – their love of Southern California in the 1970s with houses that have a built-in pool and garden, as well as custom furniture and artwork decoration.

The façade of the building, like the concrete fence, is painted white to avoid attracting extra attention. A green front garden behind a wrought iron trellis delights the eye of passersby and preserves intimacy of privacy.

Garage at House A&B

Stylish garage for luxury cars

Garage for two cars


House A&B patio

Courtyard adjacent to garage

Pool in the courtyard

Patio with patio pool

Bedroom interior design


Lounge by the pool

Recreation area in the courtyard

Interior design of a kitchen with an island

Living room, dining room and kitchen

Dark wood kitchen with built-in appliances, lots of cabinets of different sizes and stone countertops – a housewife's dream.

Gorgeous chandelier above the dining table

Living room with a round table

The corridor in the House A&B

Corridor with cabinets

Bathroom interior design


The luxury of the bathroom lies in the use of lots of glass and mirrors as well as expensive sanitary ware and chrome fittings

House A&B second floor plan
House A&B floor plan
House A&B floor plan
Floor plans of House A &B
House A&B floor plan
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