Exotic Pool House in Todos Santos

Night illumination of the terrace and pool at home in Mexico

The structure looks amazing at night! The lighting and highlights here are top notch.

Illuminating the pool of a house in Mexico

The sunrise (or sunset) dramatically changes the view, especially the water. There is a feeling of mystery and something unusual, magical.

Window overlooking the patio of a house in Mexico

A very, very interesting window. Large enough, but not huge, it blends in well with the whole interior of the building.

Living room with fireplace in Mexico

Interesting sofas and creative chairs Blends in well with your surroundings. There is even something unusual in them – something without which this house would not have the right to exist.

Kitchen and Living Room at Mexico City, Mexico
Wicker canopy over the terrace of the house in Mexico
Mexico poolside sitting area
Terrace dining room in Mexico
The dining area under the canopy of the house in Mexico
Swimming pool of a house in Mexico
Mexico vacation home on the pool terrace
Mexico Facade
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