Fertility Design’s design for a comfortable home in Taiwan

Unusual ceiling chandelier design

The interior design is done in subdued colors. Light walls' color is emphasized by the dark window frames.

Interesting clocks made out of squares

The focal point of the design is the wall that houses the TV.

Blue and gray wall behind the TV

Bordering the living room is a reading room decorated with bookshelves and a piano.

Large white bookcase in the room

In the ceiling, along the built-in shelving, there are spotlights that fill the room with a soft, warm glow.

Wooden Floors in the House

Kitchen furniture is made of wood. Modern ergonomic forms perfectly harmonize with the natural material.

Pendant lights in the form of exotic flowers

In the evening and to protect the interior from the bright sunlight roll-up blinds are used in a pleasant beige shade.

Glass walls in the interior of the house

Corridor walls are clad with natural-colored wood panelling.

White built-in closet in the bedroom

Makes it look more spacious and uncluttered than it really is.

The light blue wall in the room

Children's room has a built-in wooden shelf in the headboard with their owners' favorite toys.

Home Project

Photo: Fertility Design.

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