From an old mansion to a beautiful modern home

A beautiful modern home in Montreal, Canada: the exterior

From the outside, the boundary between the house and the dependence is very clear, but that was the idea – to preserve the continuity of the architecture while adding a new element.

On the inside, the boundary disappears. The old is skillfully intertwined with the new, with modern materials and smooth lines replacing outdated and deteriorating architectural details. An abundance of light wood provides a necessary contrast to the dark, harsh materials used in the exterior cladding.

Beautiful contemporary house in Montreal, Canada: Interior in light colors

Interior in light colors

A beautiful contemporary home in Montreal, Canada: a staircase in light wood

The staircase and the floor of light wood

The study is located above the newly added kitchen and living room, and it gives the interior a lightness. Under the spiral staircase, trimmed with Russian birch, storage space is organized, allowing the space to be transformed for its functional use. This all works together to ensure that the new rooms match the existing ones.

A beautiful contemporary home in Montreal, Canada: the kitchen

Modern kitchen with minimalist design

A beautiful contemporary home in Montreal, Canada

The study is made on the second floor of the annex

A contemporary and beautiful home in Montreal, Canada: a sketch of the house

General layout of the house

Beautiful contemporary home in Montreal, Canada: Layout of the second floor

First Floor Floor Plan

A change like this in an old house might not have been appropriate. The ability to combine different elements in the right way and in the right order defines the difference between a bad modernization and a real rebirth. Naturehumaine has found the fine line between antique and modern

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