Guest house design: renovation of an old barn

Designing a guest house in Vermont, USA: The new look of the building

Brick base, beamed cladding and large windows brought the look of the structure to life

The lush fields, gardens, and woods surrounding the former barn inspired the designers to create the most open and bright space possible, uncluttered by unnecessary partitions and heavy furniture.

Vermont, USA: Boardwalk Partitions

Separate rooms are set back from each other with remodeled boardwalks

Vermont U.S. Guesthouse Design: Kitchen

Spacious kitchen with high ceiling equipped with all necessary appliances

Vermont U.S. Guest House Design: Lighting System

A meticulously designed lighting system consists of several types of lamps

Vermont, USA guesthouse design: bedroom

The bedroom is stunning with its size, stylish headset, and gorgeous views from the windows

Vermont, United States: Bathroom design

Ultra-modern bathroom with walk-in shower features a window built into the ceiling

Vermont, USA guesthouse design: outdoor pool

The outside of the house features an outdoor pool surrounded by a green lawn

Vermont, USA: masonry and flowerbeds

The stonework that surrounds the flowerbeds and flowerbeds looks especially striking

Would you enjoy being in a home with a decor like this??

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