How to keep your home safe: practical tips to protect your home from burglars

A workspace in a private home

It is very important not to let others think that your cottage stands vacant for a long period. Apply some tricks. Get a few light timers. Some people consider it a good precaution to leave lights on. First, it is a waste of energy, as natural thieves will notice if the lights are constantly on.

Equip the various lights with timers. Then the lights can come on and go off at different intervals. They can be installed on the radio, TV. Indoor noise is a good thing.

Also, turn down the volume on your home phone. Never leave a message on it saying you're on vacation. You can use the service of redirecting incoming calls to exactly where you are now.

A big step toward preserving property – empty your mailbox more often. A short visit to the post office is all it takes. You can sign an online service contract. Then the post office only needs to send an advance notice to the email address. Keep that rule in your dealings with the dry cleaner, and other delivery organizations.

Cut back bushes and hedges

Decorating a hallway in green colors

Make sure everything is firmly locked up at the last minute. Don't forget to check shielded entryways, basement, garage. Check the batteries of smoke detectors, turn off unnecessary items. Turn off everything, including clocks, toasters, printers, stereos, videos, gaming devices, especially any computers, netbooks, TVs. Power surges can cause irreparable damage to these expensive items.

If going away in the winter, lower the high temperature. Just don't turn it off at all, as this can cause the pipe to explode, which will cause considerable inconvenience, as well as a hefty bill to the maintenance company.

A good habit

Photos from vacation

How tempting to tell others that you are lounging in the bosom of paradise. Keep travel plans away from the Internet and any public arenas. It's certainly fun to post pictures of blue, crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, beautiful pink creatures sipping cocktails at sunset. Publish the photos after you return. It will have the same furor and success.

Finally, hide your valuables away. You don't want to give the thief's gaze an opportunity to look inside, see the TV, gaming devices, laptop that can quickly disappear from the house. Put everything in the home safe and rest easy!

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