Malibu villa –a sea of luxury in the lush gardens of the resort town

If you were lucky enough to get to Malibu, you must have been shocked by the beauty and luxury of this place for days. In fact, Malibu is a paradise for unique design and luxury homes.

A luxurious villa in Malibu

A huge villa hides in one of America's most popular spots. This architectural marvel is breathtaking in its splendor from the first moment you walk in. You are immediately lured by the huge pool with stone pedestals, and then your attention switches to luxurious windows, glass doors, and spacious verandas overlooking the sea.

Stylish minimalist furniture and soft colors, dominated by shades of blue and lavender. Lots of comfortable upholstered furniture with cushions and an abundance of wooden decor, perfectly blends in the spacious interior. The house is surrounded by a blooming garden with lush greenery and clipped hedges, which greatly enliven the cold and austere exterior.

Inside, you'll find a modern, state-of-the-art kitchen, cozy bedrooms and living rooms, and a trendy Mediterranean-designed bathroom.

Outdoor pool overlooking the property
Recreation area with a hearth in the courtyard
Sun loungers for relaxing on the terrace
Bedroom Interior Design
Bathroom window overlooking the water
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