Quirky Gothic-style motorhome design

Bilevel motorhome design

The property was designed and built by Abel Zimmerman, founder and owner of Zyl Vardos. In fact, all of his work is original. In this case, he was guided by the client's desire for a "gothic, European, whimsical" dwelling.

As a result, Bernadette got a 16 m2 house with the following dimensions: 2.5 m wide, 7.3 m long and 4 m high. Its design includes many elaborate details. These are the original windows – round, arched, rectangular and, of course, lancet windows; the roof of an intricate design and cozy cedar cladding.

Motorhome design - roof
Motorhome design - bedroom under the ceiling
Motorhome design - exterior
Mobile home design - kitchen

The bathroom has a stainless steel shower and a composting toilet made especially for this project.

The design of the motorhome is a restroom

In fact, Bernadette Gardner owns two tiny homes. The first one, the one on the left, is used as a studio. You have to agree, they are quite different, but, as the owner herself claims, they fit her lifestyle equally.

Motorhome design - study

Well, we had the opportunity to get acquainted with another house on wheels, masterfully executed and quite eccentric. Anyway, variety is always a boon, isn't it?

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