Rental property: a few rules for turning your home into a stable source of income

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Enlist the help of a reliable agency

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Vacationers want comfortable, temporary housing that's as good as their own. They want a bright, spacious haven where their family or a group of friends can be cozy and comfortable. The furniture should be clean and look quite elegant and stylish. Don't spend a lot of money on modern interior design and new furniture.

In order not to scare away subtenants with bare walls and empty rooms, you can use rentals or buy at sales, as long as these samples look presentable. However, it is better to provide your own furniture, maybe not the most beloved and expensive. Upholstered couches, chairs, sofas, armchairs, etc.. Keep it clean.

It is not bad to make covers from a fabric resistant to wear and tear, with a color that is not so noticeable against the possible contamination (not stark colors). White and neutral colors are undesirable because of their impracticality. These measures will help protect the original upholstery from damage and deterioration.

The walls should be freshly painted, or look like one. Wallpaper, of course, should not be dilapidated, damaged, darkened, wearing traces of dirt and pencil drawings and inscriptions. At the beginning and end of the season rooms need to be cleaned or washed.

It is extremely unpleasant, having rented a house, to meet there dirt and garbage. Guests should not feel obliged to wipe and clean counters, floors, bathtubs, showers, etc. Do the work yourself before the tenants arrive. However, it is acceptable to oblige your clients to clean up before they leave at the end of their stay.

Create conditions so that tenants feel at home

Modern living room interior design

Internet should be a priority. It may be that in addition to rest, someone will need a computer for work. There must be at least one TV and DVD player in the house. A landline phone is no longer necessary in the mobile age. A guest email account with a special login is possible.

Obligatory assortment of cookware and appliances.

Bedroom interior in neutral tones

Provide your guests with ample storage space for their belongings. It is good if the interior has special storage systems, but in any case the cabinets should have a lot of hangers. Every bedroom should have a dresser with empty drawers. In every rented room (room) there should be bedside tables and lamps for those who want to read before going to bed. TVs are not necessary here, but acceptable. A working clock is also needed in each bedroom.

Bedding should look new and clean. Check them for stains and mechanical damage. For cool nights, keep plaids, blankets. If there is no air conditioning, get fans.

Make sure the electrical system and appliances function properly. It is entirely up to you whether you want the linens and towels to be provided by you. Housekeeping, laundry, and laundry changes are likely to be your responsibility. True, you can stipulate an additional fee for these services.

Provide residents with pamphlets, travel guides

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If you can't do it yourself, get help from friends or a real estate company. Look for visible signs of damage, wear and tear. It is desirable to make and complete all necessary repairs before the season starts. Lawns should be free of debris, bushes and grass trimmed.

If using a gas stove, grill, make sure there are gas cylinders. For the winter break reception, take care of the heating system, test it out. The participation of the landlord in the service of tenants, his skillful hands greatly increases the attractiveness of the rent for customers compared to the apartment, where the owner does not appear or comes occasionally.

Choose your tenants

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You want to get tenants who will treat your property carefully and with care, using it for their own needs? Consequently, you need to give them a clear explanation of whether you can keep pets, and what to limit small children. At the same time, you should ask your tenants if there is anything you can do to improve their living conditions?

A comfortable and well-maintained home with lots of home comfort will make sure that your clients will come and stay with you on a regular basis. The property belonging to you will turn into a stable source of income. And this is exactly what every owner needs and dreams of, when renting an apartment.

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