Sunny family nest atmosphere: a budget home project from Walk Among, Brisbane, Australia

The front door of Neumann PoolHouse

When the couple bought the house, it was in a dilapidated state. The couple saw the potential and transformed it into an oasis of relaxation with a dramatic decorating style that created a beach like atmosphere and made the owners and guests feel at ease.

Interior of the kitchen with dining area

The cottage is very spacious: the large floor area and great layout allow you to spend your free time in comfort and aesthetics. The chic open plan kitchen/dining room is worth a look – the eye is immediately drawn to the luxurious glass table with chrome legs and the original chairs by Matt Blatt. This is where the family organizes friendly lunches and dinners.

Light green glass kitchen apron

Apron tile mint glass mosaic fills the kitchen area with the freshness of a sea breeze.

Walk out onto the terrace

The terrace overlooking the back patio was decorated by the owners in collaboration with the engineering firm Q1 Projects. The result is a charming corner for a pleasant time outdoors.

Interior of the Neumann Mansion

Here's Alfie's pet, watching the action in the mansion from the porch.

Green plants in the living room interior

The lightness of the coast is felt in everything: the natural, muted tones of the furniture upholstery and interior details – wicker baskets and stunning cushions with a print in the form of palm trees.

Bright armchair in the interior of the living room

As the spouses were very limited in money, most of the work during the repair they performed with their own hands. For example, they painted the walls in milky white.

Decorating the walls in a private home

The snow-white background creates a calm and measured atmosphere. What's more, it's a blank canvas against which you can display bright, expressive objects.

Beach-inspired children's room

A light whiff of maritime style is also felt in the children's room. But "light" doesn't mean "frivolous" – the design doesn't distract from homework.

Reading corner with shelf for books

At the foot of the bed a cosy corner is created: miniature shelves for books and a big cushion allow you to sit comfortably at reading.

Racks for zoning the space of the nursery

IKEA shelving divides room into zones for two kids. Lots of storage niches and shelves hold a hundred accessories and toys!

The interesting design of the Neumann house by Walk Among in Brisbane, Australia, is a marvelous creative masterpiece. What sets this house apart from others is its convenient location in a central metropolitan area, its incredibly cozy beach-like atmosphere, its tranquil decorations in light colors, and its fabulous furniture, which fills the house with warmth and charm.

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