Talented architects from NASA design “Life Beyond the Fence” in Melbourne, Australia

A private backyard in Melbourne
Private home pool

NASA architects, however, weren't deterred. Rather the opposite: "The more difficult the task, the more opportunities to prove themselves," they decided.

The site chosen for construction was nothing of interest. The site is surrounded on all sides by typical Melbourne suburban brick homes. In contrast, the new building was meant to be kind of transparent.

"If this is achieved, the illusion of expanding space will be created, and the house will seem much larger," experts explain.

So there's a minimum of interior walls. Natural light pours into every nook and cranny, creating intricate patterns of sunlight and shadow. All of this lightens the interior, giving it an airy and borderless feel. Add to that the minimal width of the rooms (this load-bearing construction allowed for maximum cost savings in erection) and the picture is complete.

Dining room interior design
Black kitchen island
Green kitchen wall
Bathroom interior design
Floor plan of a house in Melbourne
A view of the site before and after the house was built
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