The possibility of living in harmony with the environment with the example of a house located in City Beach

The facade of the house
Asphalt driveway in front of the house

The plants in the interior of the adjoining territory were used very intelligently. Every step leading from the house to the garage and the pool is tucked away in vegetation, creating the impression of individual stone slabs resting on a mountainside. Special lighting of these elements only enhances this visual effect.

Illuminated steps in the house
A house with a swimming pool on the grounds
Patio area on the territory of the house
A beautiful home with a pool
Concrete steps on the house

A large designer dining table, which can easily be set on the area adjacent to the living room, will make any gatherings, both with family and friends, enjoyable.

The opportunity to enjoy the beauty, the interior of the house, due to such a factor as the design of the large window will make such a vacation pleasant and positive. The surrounding area, which boasts an abundance of different vegetation, will only increase such a bright emotion.

Summer dining room on the property
Concrete flooring on the terrace
A long table on the summer dining room
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