The simple idyll, or Home in Herzliya Pituach by Witt Architects, Herzliya, Israel

White exterior

Ivy wrapped around the columns and added Provencal chic to this little corner. Wrought iron garden furniture and white finish off the look.

White wicker furniture on the terrace

The house is entered through a small courtyard. The garden path leads to glazed doors through which you can see the spacious dining room.

A velvet lilac armchair in the living room

Glazed doors keep the heat out and allow you to enjoy the marvelous view outdoors.

Dark glossy countertop in the kitchen

The table for ten is the focal point of the dining room.

Original rug with abstraction in the dining room

Massive wooden stairs complemented by exquisite wrought iron railings. A house so well-lit and spacious that its lines seem to fade, disappear, and its dimensions defy visual evaluation. It gives the impression that you can wander endlessly through the rooms.

Full-wall panel in the home

A vintage dresser with a huge mirror is an object worthy of admiration. It demonstrates the residents' love of natural materials – in this case wood.

White Walls in a Home Interior

A "suspension bridge" connects different parts of the house.

Floral print wallpaper in the bedroom

The flooring is light, and the furniture is laid out deliberately carelessly, as if the owner had just stepped out, leaving behind a bit of clutter… Just close the blinds and the room plunges into shade. It's time to light a sconce.

Bright pink nursery design

A door leading to the bathroom conceals an unexpectedly spacious room. Checkerboard tile on the floor immediately catches the eye. Snow-white plumbing and soft lighting make the interior neat and fresh.

Large number of mirrors in the bathroom interior
Modern home exterior - Photo 2
Metal banisters on the stairs in the house
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