Unity of detached structures in the most interesting project House of Four Houses by PROD Architecture & Design

The structure of the house
The exterior of the house

Three buildings are arranged perpendicularly around the center, the courtyard, and the fourth is placed diagonally between the other two. The insignificant distance between the buildings ensures the constant interaction of their interiors.

Connecting buildings

Modestly sized structures define the scale of the home as a whole, while the exterior design is a reflection of local architectural traditions. This is underscored above all by the double pitched roof structures, which at the same time ensure the plasticity of the composition.

Terrace view

The gaps between the structures are equipped with transitions with glass roofs and walls that connect into a special space with a hybrid character. The transparency of this structure allows it to be part of the interior and environment at the same time.

Glass walkways between homes
Terrace to the house

The architectural solution as a whole is designed to meet the clients' need for a sense of closeness to nature. So, moving from one room to another, they can actually make contact with its elements.

Exit from living room to terrace
Panoramic windows of the house
View of the living room from the dining room
View of the patio
Unusual hanging fireplace
White walls in the living room
Wooden staircase
Interior of the corridor with white walls
Light-coloured bedroom interior
The home mini-office

The harmony and consistency of the home's structure largely determined the choice of materials. The combination of the granite cladding of the foundation, the aged pine boards of the facade and the galvanized roof ensures a colorful homogeneity of the design, enriched by the variety of tones and textures.

Galvanized roofing on the house
Home lighting in the evening
Backyard lighting

Photo: Joao Morgado.

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