Visit a world of amazing design exemplified by the house in Paris by Manuel Sequeira

Sun loungers on the roof of the house
Loggia in the house
White ceiling in the house
Designer furniture in the home
The corridor in the house
Living room in the house
The low ceiling in the house
Glass Table in the House

Designer kitchen chairs and an apron that from afar resembles a piece of the night sky are elements that draw attention and simultaneously define the stylistic personality of the room.

Being here is easy and pleasant, because in addition to the direct cooking you can always plunge into the world of dreams associated with space flight and the discovery of new horizons. Believe me, this kind of mood has a very positive effect on the quality of the prepared food.

Stairs in the house

Only the bedroom and office are familiar images that the stylish furniture used in decorating them makes stylish and current, which is especially noticeable in the context of the design direction chosen.

Workroom in the house
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