Everything at hand, or a remarkable project in a New York townhouse

The houses are so close together, but even in such close proximity you can wisely use the space.

Brooklyn Row House in New York

The interior of the house is exceptionally light-colored. A completely white kitchen is small, but very comfortable and functional.

Kitchen interior at Brooklyn Row House

Intricate tables and chairs fill the open kitchen area.

Interior of the kitchen in Brooklyn Row House

Underneath it, the architects placed lockers to allow most things to fall into place and streamline the look of the rooms.

Classy staircase to second floor

High railings frame the staircase. All very practical and unpretentious.

White bathroom interior of Brooklyn Row House

Previously, the century-old house looked like this. It was no different from its neighbors.

Brooklyn Row House interior before renovation

Previously, the structure looked practical, but not as functional.

Brooklyn Row House floor plan

Modern materials and practical closures turn this mansion into a real fortress.

Brooklyn Row House floor plan
Brooklyn Row House floor plan
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